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"This is what God says, the God who builds a road right through the ocean…'Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand-new.'" (Isaiah 43:16,18,19, MSG)

The one thing we always say is constant in Breakthrough City Church, is change. Our Creator personifies 'new' and with this new year in Him will come new adventures, challengesterritories and certainly new victories! But this will require thinking (and climbing) out of the box and allowing God's supernatural ways of working to change and upgrade our thoughts, walk and pursuit! Things are going to happen differently this year…

GLORY, FIRE & HUMILITY will be key focuses, as we continue to seek God's presence and long to see His Glory to cover the earth, allow His Fire to purify and make ready a strong, tempered people and we need to actively nurture a humility that can love 'Judas' and keep us from pride while being served by 'John'.

These three facets will be keys for us a local church, as new assignments are being released. We are in a time of acceleration. Greater clarity will come and we will see expansion. New connections and relationships will be forged, recognizing and honoring the Body. Nations are calling. The Presence of the Holy Spirit will increase. Angelic host are on assignment, which we will encounter in the assignment of the 'New' God is calling us into. Let's press through that which would resist us and break open the ground with a Kingdom sound!

And above all, intimacy with our King, Jesus, will align our heartbeat with His and cause us to see with His eyes and perspective. Creations longs for the sons of God to be revealed (Romans 8:19) and our God-connection will be His most accurate reflection to a waiting world!




9 March 2018, approximately a thousand boys choose life in Jesus Christ. One testimony of the revival God is bringing to Bloemfontein and RSA.


On 22 April, 2017, the nation of South Africa converged in Bloemfontein for a national day of prayer. Over 1 million people are believed to have attended the largest prayer gathering of it's kind in our hot, dry, flat city...and more than one person was asking: "Why Bloem?" As the former judicial capital of the country and current seat for the Supreme Court of Appeal, we believe that Bloemfontein mirrors it's Heavenly mandate to decree judgements and carries authority to bring about change in and for the region, province and the country. As it can be literally translated to be a "blooming fountain" or "fountain of flowers", we believe our purpose as a city is to create, initiate, bring life and growth, break open the new and to "export" strategies for our spiritual and natural environments.  We have "exported" many well known athletes, Olympians, entertainers, musicians, writers and politicians from this seemingly unassuming Highveld city. But one of our greatest treasures, is Bloemfontein's deep and rich spiritual history, involving many, many spiritual wells that have been dug here by heroes of our faith, such as John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, James Moore Hickson, William Branham, F.F. Bosworth and South Africans Andrew Murray and David du Plessis. In more recent years, further wells have been dug by men such as Loni Frisbee, John Wimber, Johan Filmalter, Dr Jonathan David and Angus Buchan. 

What a privilege and heritage we have to keep building on, as we saw Isaac do in Genesis 26:18 - accessing his father's wells and then digging his own. 

So come with hearts hungry to encounter God and be filled with His presence and power! In this time of even greater awakening, it is His very presence and power that will prepare us for the billion soul harvest that has been prophesied - ours for the taking! And with the anniversary of the 500 year Reformation fresh in our hearts and further prophecies from the turn of the century of a great outpouring "100 years from now" (which is NOW!), we are living in the days of the greatest revival the world has ever seen!!



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