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This year is inviting us deeper into ADVENTURE with God, seeing more of His POWER demonstrated and seeing ourselves PROSPER (in every way) for a bigger-picture purpose!


In Luke 5 we read the familiar story of how Jesus was teaching the people from a boat belonging to Peter. He then commands Peter to go into deeper water and let down his nets again for a catch of fish. After arguing with Jesus initially that there were no fish to catch (because they had been trying all night without success), he agreed to do as Jesus asked. And he is blown away by the size of the catch, which requires help from another boat to haul everything in! He is also convicted of his sin and begins to repent.


Through Peter’s simple act of obedience, he sees the power of God demonstrated, a miracle occur and experiences personal transformation. This, not after hearing a lengthy sermon from Jesus, but simply by obeying His command. The adventure God wants to take us on this year, the power He wants us to see and demonstrate and the prosperity He wants us to enjoy and extend…is locked up in our obedience to His Word.


That was the start of a new day and a new life for Peter, as Jesus commissions him and other men present to become “fishers of men”! Purpose explodes on the scene and sets Peter on a course that helped to ultimately shape a portion of history and play a major role in the church of Acts we long to see more of today! It was the beginning of his journey and adventure of laying his life down to see heaven come to earth. And the same invitation awaits us. Not in the usual way, but with Jesus ‘drawing a line in the sand’ – demonstrations of His power and commands for us to walk in even greater things than He did!


This picture so vividly explained – the huge catch of fish that came in at the obedience to His command – is also prophetic of the time in which we live. It again confirms the billion-soul-harvest that has been prophesied for our time, more than 100 years ago and many times since. It’s ripe and ready and requires us to move beyond listening to doing, to see it come about. Bold preaching of the Word and the message of the Kingdom is needed and good, but it is when this Word and Kingdom are demonstrated, that we will truly see the harvest come in. 


So, these ‘out of the box’ signs, wonders, miracles, acts of obedience that we will be challenged with, power moments, etc. are keys to God’s nature and heart being demonstrated. For it is this very ‘kindness’ (displayed in a kaleidoscope of ways) that will draw hearts to Him, as we saw even with Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus – a kindness that was so powerful that it transformed his life. Let’s saturate ourselves with the mind and heart of the Father, so that as ‘we think in our hearts’, so we will be and live (Proverbs 23:7), and so the world will see Him through us. 


It’s going to be an adventure, filled with purpose and fuelled with body, soul and spirit prosperity for the assignment…born in the secret place of life with the Father. Let’s do this!



9 March 2018, approximately a thousand boys choose life in Jesus Christ. One testimony of the revival God is bringing to Bloemfontein and RSA.



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